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Hardworking, Reliable, and Dedicated

At Growth Partnership for Ashtabula County, we recognize that the most important assets for businesses in Ashtabula County are their employees. Hardworking, reliable, and dedicated individuals have driven businesses ahead in our county for generations.  Making sure that our local workforce is able to meet the demands of our local economy is critical to the growth of our county.  At Growth Partnership we are working with local leaders to development programs, processes, and ideas to drive Workforce Development in Ashtabula County. The County's Workforce Development and Career Awareness Programs are provided below.

Workforce Development

Career Awareness

Employee Training

There are many places right here in Ashtabula County that offer employee training specific to what your employees need to succeed.


Employees can take classes at Kent State University at the Ashtabula Campus, Atech: Ashtabula County Career Technology Campus or Jobs Ohio offers Employee training. Possibilities are endless.

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