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Growth Partnership for Ashtabula County will give focal point leadership to economic and community development in Ashtabula County. The organization will work as an inclusive, engaged, collaborative, and performance-based strategic development organization in developing increased prosperity and economic vitality across the county. Growth Partnership will achieve this vision by working cooperatively and collaboratively with its local and external partners.

Ashtabula County Industry and Business Base

For decades, Ashtabula County has been developing a wide range of key industrial clusters. Specifically there are 8 key areas with prime economic growth potential, offering diverse business and job development opportunities in the county.

Advanced Healthcare
Learn about the many different options for standard and advanced healthcare in Ashtabula County.
Agribusiness, Dairy, Grapes
Learn about the numerous agricultural businesses succeeding in Ashtabula County.
Chemical Manufacturing
Learn about the outstanding businesses succeeding in the global chemical market with manufacturing right here in Ashtabula County.
Composite Manufacturing
Learn about Ashtabula County's worldclass fiberglass and composite manufacturing.
Metals and Machinery
Ashtabula County has a strong base of machinists, forges, and equipment manufacturers and suppliers.
Outdoor Recreation
A Great Lake, great rivers, and many different parks make Ashtabula County a wonderful place for outdoor recreation.
Sports Training and Management
The worldclass Spire Institute is one of the countries premier training facilities for high school, NCAA, Paralympic, and Olympic athletes.
Wineries and Fine Dining
Nestled in the Grand River Valley, Ashtabula County is home to some of the regions top wineries and restaurants.
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Strategic Location of
Ashtabula County


Ashtabula County is the northeastern-most county in Ohio, bordering both Lake Erie and Pennsylvania. With ample highway access, a regional airport, local ports, and several railroads, Ashtabula County has the transportation resources and prime location for conducting business.

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