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Overview of Industry

Successful Industrial Base


History of Innovation

Continuing a History of Innovation

Ashtabula County has been a center for manufacturing and industry for decades and has seen a resurgence in recent years.  Many businesses have already realized the enormous potential of Ashtabula County and have begun to set roots or expand existing businesses.


The top reasons to live, work, or start a business in Ashtabula County are:

  1. A long legacy of successful entrepreneurship and innovation in plastics and rubber product manufacturing, starting with Molded Fiber Glass Companies, Chromaflo (formerly Plasticolors), A. Shulman (formerly Premix and Hadlock Plastics), Ashtabula Rubber Company, Grand River Rubber and Plastics, and others.

  2. Central location to serve major Midwestern and East Coast industrial and consumer markets.

  3. Favorable access to raw materials as well as machinery and equipment suppliers.

  4. World-class university research and development and engineering resources in Northeast Ohio related to polymers, composites, plastics, and rubber.

  5. A local and regional workforce highly experienced and trained in composites manufacturing. 

  6. Reasonable costs of doing business and a very favorable overall local business climate for manufacturing.

  7. Excellent direct highway access (I-90 and Route 11) and the presence of two local deepwater shipping ports in Ashtabula and Conneaut.


Ashtabula County has significant economic growth potential in 8 key industry clusters, all offering diverse business and job development opportunities in the county. 


Click below to see more on each industry cluster:

Composite Manufacturing

Fiberglass, Plastics,
& Rubber Products


Since the application of fiberglass to the body of the Chevrolet Corvette back in 1954 by Molded Fiber Glass, Ashtabula County has been a hub of development in the composite industry.  The county now is host to dozens of manufacturers at various stages of the manufacturing cycle, from component materials to molded and finished products.  Some of the local companies that specialize in the composite industry include: 


Composite Manufacturing
Advanced Healthcare

Advanced Healthcare

Quality, Local Healthcare


Throughout the county, there are numerous advanced medical facilities providing options for both routine and special care.  The local hospitals are strengthened further by having direct ties to the world-class medical centers, the Cleveland Clinic, and University Hospitals, in Cleveland, Ohio.


Agribusiness, Dairy, and Grapes

Agribusiness, Dairy & Grapes

Farming, Fishing, Dairy, Grapes,
& Wine Production


Like much of Ohio, Ashtabula County is prime for various forms of farming. however, the unique geography of the Grand River Valley also makes Ashtabula County a premier location for grape growing and wine production.  In addition to boasting some of the world's best steelhead trout fishing (in Conneaut Creek), Ashtabula County is also rich in dairy farms and other agricultural businesses.

One example of agricultural ingenuity in Ashtabula County is the use of Miscanthus grass, by Aloterra, for the production of a variety of biodegradable products.

Ashtabula County is also home to the OSU Cooperative Extension Service, which along with the Growth Partnership for Ashtabula County, is a member of the NE Ohio Agbio Leadership Council.

Useful resources for learning about the agriculture industry in Ashtabula County include:

Chemicals and Allied Products

Chemicals & Allied Products

Titanium Dioxide, Acids, Chemicals, and Resin


In addition to the composite industry, Ashtabula County is also very active in chemical production.  The county's chemical industry has used symbiotic growth to include one of the world's largest producers of Titanium Dioxide, as well as Chlorine, Potassium Hydroxide, Hydrochloric Acid, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Aluminum Sulfate, Epoxy, and Resin producers. Building on quality products and low transportation costs, Ashtabula County is a great location for new and growing chemical production.


Chemical producers in Ashtabula County include:

Metals, Machinery & Equipment

Forges, Metal Work, &
Equipment Production


Support for the strong chemical, composite, and manufacturing industry has helped to develop a strong supply of local machinists and welders, as well as metal and equipment fabricators. Between the forges, aluminum castings, general manufacturing, metal finishing, tool manufacturing, and railroad construction, the infrastructure for a local supply chain is in place.

Ashtabula County's metal and machinery businesses include:

Metals, Machinery, and Equipment
Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor Recreation

Camping, Fishing, Beaches,
Hiking, and So Much More


Ashtabula County is a premier choice for outdoor recreation activities.  With numerous city, township, and state parks there is always somewhere to go for outdoor activities, including:


  • Fishing & Marinas

  • Birding

  • Boating & Canoeing

  • Covered Bridges

  • Camping

  • Hunting

  • Beaches and Swimming

  • Parks

  • Hiking & Trails

  • Agri-tourism

  • Snowmobiling

Paper & Packaging Products

From Custom Boxes to
Mass-Produced Envelopes


Facilities like Mohawk fine paper and Northeast Box Company add dimension to Ashtabula County making it part of the national paper and packaging market.

Sport Events and Management

Sports Events & Management

World-Class Athletic
Training & Support Staff


Ashtabula County is home to the Spire Institute, an Official USOC Olympic and Paralympic training facility.  In addition to world-class facilities and training staff, the Spire Institute hosts numerous local, regional, and national events throughout the year.  For the most serious athletes, there is also the Spire Academy, an international high school and post-graduate school focused on preparing the next generation of professional athletes both on and off the court/field.

For more information about the Spire Institute, training programs, the Spire Academy, or their facilities please visit the Spire Institute website.

Wineries and Fine Dining

Wineries & Fine Dining

Local Wine, Local Cuisine


In Ashtabula County, you are never far from great local food and great local wine.  Home to the Grand River Valley and its premier grape-growing climate, Ashtabula County has over 2 dozen wineries and vineyards. Although many of the wineries also have wonderful food choices, there are also numerous casual and fine dining restaurants throughout the county.

Use the links below for more information on local dining and wineries:


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