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Join the Growth Partnership

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Why Join Growth Partnership?

  1. Access business services related to expansion, retention, and workforce development.

  2. Access community services to enhance community competitiveness and quality of life.

  3. Access valuable economic, business and community information.

  4. Make valuable business connections in the county and beyond.

  5. Be a part of a proactive team to grow Ashtabula County’s economic future.

Please consider joining Growth Partnership and support our work to make Ashtabula County a better place to live, work and play.


Our primary job is economic development and helping businesses and communities grow in the county, but we also play a role in improving the quality of life in the county.


Over the years, the Growth Partnership has been an important part of many local companies’ business success formula. Some good examples include TEGAM Inc; WEK Industries; International Paper; Zehrco Plastics, Inc.; Kraftmaid; Glenbeigh/Ashtabula County Medical Center; Lake Erie Correctional Facility; Save-A-Lot; Presrite Corporation; Mohawk Fine Papers; RTS-USA; Plastpro; and GMR Corporation. 


We offer 5 membership levels. Download the "Investor Prospectus" to learn the detailed benefits of each membership level.


  • Platinum: $10,000 plus 

  • Gold: $5,000-$9,999 

  • Silver: $2,500-$4,999 

  • Bronze: $2,499-$1,000 

  • Friend of GP: Under $1,000


Key Initiatives

Growth Partnership membership is highlighted by
several key initiatives, including:
  • Business Resource Network (BRN) outreach to local businesses to identify their needs and respond to them.
  • Team NEO and JobsOhio development partnerships to market to and attract new employers to Ashtabula County. Best of the County annual awards program for economic and community development excellence.
  • Entrepreneurial Business Action Team (EBAT) to strengthen the county’s entrepreneurial business sector.
  • Economic and Community Dashboard data and research on business and economic performance.
  • Community engagement sessions about key development issues and trends.
  • Economic Development Training Course to build local development skills.
  • Government Affairs and Business Advocacy Committee to gain support and resources for development.
See more on our Local Initiatives here.
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