The Ashtabula County Advantage

Why Choose Ashtabula County?

Ashtabula County has been a center for manufacturing and industry for decades and is seeing a resurgence of activity in recent years.  Many businesses have already realized the enormous potential of Ashtabula County and have begun to set roots or expanded existing businesses.


Some of the top reasons to living, working, or starting a business in Ashtabula County are:

  1. Longstanding track record as a competitive manufacturing location, especially in plastics, rubber products, chemicals, metals and machinery.

  2. Strategic location on Interstate-90 between Cleveland and Buffalo with excellent access to Canadian and Eastern Atlantic markets.

  3. Business-friendly communities that are eager to grow and supportive of businesses.

  4. A productive workforce with diverse skills in manufacturing and other industry sectors.

  5. Reasonable costs of business in terms of wages, real estate, and taxes.

  6. Abundant water supply, land, agriculture, and other natural resources.

  7. Two deep water shipping ports in Conneaut and Ashtabula.

  8. Affordable quality of life with good schools.

  9. Attractive rural setting with small town charm, offering a mix of small town urban and rural community locations.

  10. An economic development team and leaders that work together to proactively support and assist economic and community development.

Workforce is often regarded as the #1 factor driving business location and investment decisions across America.


Some Ashtabula County workforce statistics:

  • Ashtabula County has a working-age population of 80,000 and a labor force of 46,500.

  • Ashtabula County anufacturing workforce of 9,293.

  • Employment potential of 93,563 in 20-mile radius of I-90 and Route 45 intersection.

  • Employment potential of 327,620 in 35-mile radius of I-90 and Route 45 intersection.

  • Employment potential of 1,238,801 in 50-mile radius of I-90 and Route 45 intersection.

Strategic Location


Planes, trains, and automobiles (and ships) make Ashtabula County a premier choice for regional and national warehouses and businesses.

Education and Affordable Quality of Life


Public schools, private schools, and a local university help to make education a priority for Ashtabula County.  Add in the low cost of housing, availability of quality jobs,

Successful Industrial Base


The Growth Partnership for Ashtabula County currently has 2 highly experienced, full time employees. Greg and Cindy are both very dedicated to growth in the county and work steadily to insure that the Growth Partnership is an inclusive, engaged, collaborative, and performance-based strategic development organization.