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Strategic Location

Strategic Locations

A Great Lake

At the Intersection of Industry
A Great Lake

Deepwater ports and extensive lakeshore provide opportunities for ship-bound transportation, water-based recreation, and water-intense industrial processes.

Proximity to Major Metropolitan Areas

Ashtabula County is located mid-way between Cleveland, Erie, and  Youngstown as well as only 3 hours from Buffalo, Columbus, and Detroit, with a direct route to Chicago making it an excellent choice for regional distribution.

Highways and Railways

In addition to Lake Erie and its waterways, Ashtabula County is connected to the major metropolitan areas of the Great Lakes region by US Route 90 and Ohio State Route 11 as well as numerous railways.


Ashtabula County is home to the Northeast Ohio Regional Airport, the most northeastern jet-capable airport in Ohio. The capability to land medium-sized jets helps make the airport ideal for both private and corporate travel.  More information about the Northeast Ohio Regional Airport can be found on its website.



Ashtabula County is the northeastern-most county in Ohio. Its land area is 702 square miles, making it Ohio's largest county in geographic area size.


To provide a regional context for Ashtabula County, here are some highway drive times from the county's major cities:

  • Geneva to Mentor: 23 minutes

  • Geneva to Downtown Cleveland: 52 minutes

  • Geneva to Cleveland Airport: 67 minutes

  • Ashtabula to Downtown Cleveland: 62 minutes

  • Conneaut to Erie, PA: 35 minutes

  • Conneaut to Youngstown: 57 minutes

  • Orwell to Youngstown: 40 minutes

  • Jefferson to Youngstown: 43 minutes

  • Andover to Youngstown: 40 minutes

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