Local Initiatives

Local Initiatives

Over the years, the Growth Partnership and its trustees have contributed to numerous local initiatives to help further the community, both as an organization and as individuals.  Occasionally the Growth Partnership takes on a leadership, organizational, or sponsorship role in those initiatives.  Some of our current opportunities include:

  1. The Growth Partnership Dashboard

  2. Best of the County Awards

  3. The Community Advisory Panel (CAP)

Ashtabula County Dashboard and Development Partners

The Growth Partnership has developed a website to provide  economic data and detailed information on local development partners, known as the Ashtabula County Dashboard.

The dashboard is a tool providing useful factual information about economic and community development trends in Ashtabula County, and the contributions of private and public economic and community development organizatons working to strengthen Ashtabula County as a place to live, work, and play. Click on the title of any of the six section titles, such as "Economy" to access dashboard data and analysis.


Yearly Award, Lasting Impact


Best of the County (BOTC) is an annual event sponsored by Growth Partnership, to honor economic and community development success in Ashtabula County. The event attracts 650-700 people each year from across the county and Northeast Ohio.


Past winners include:

Safety through knowledge and transparency

The Ashtabula Community Advisory Panel (CAP) was formed in April 1994 as a forum for open discussion between representatives from local chemical companies and residents living in the surrounding area. Involved companies include: ASHTA Chemicals, Gabriel Performance Products, Praxair and Cristal.


The Community Advisory Panel concept is part of a national industry initiative: “Responsible Care” an international initiative designed by the chemical industry to respond to public concerns about the environment, health, safety and security performance.  (Also ChemStewards, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 and VPP Star.) The process encourages facility managers to communicate with local citizens, to listen to them and to respond to any concerns they may have.


CAP member companies demonstrate their commitment and support through:


  1. Dedication to the health, safety and security of the community and to the environment

  2. Commitment to recognized and respond to community concerns

  3. Membership I Ashtabula County Local Emergency Planning Commission and the Ashtabula County Safety Council

  4. Responsible Care Managements System Certification and Chemical Stewards Management System

  5. Assurance to continuous improvement of health, safety, security and the environment


Three fall/winter meetings (Nov, Dec, Jan) and in the winter to plan 3 spring/summer meetings (Apr, May, June).  Topics and lead presenters: to be determined. Meetings are the first Thursday of the month, 11:30a, location TBD.